Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Recycling Vintage Baubles

It's time to get back to creating some new pieces.

 I need to restock my inventory. I find it easy to know what I have by sorting everything in old hosiery boxes and vanity trays that belonged to my Mother and Grandmother.

It takes many earrings, pendants and beads to create one piece.

 My friend Delores and I decided to take a trip to the Candlestick Park Antique Fair this last Sunday.
 Brrrr it was cold and not very crowded. We were in and out of there in an hour.

 I love to think about all the different lives that have touched so many small treasures.

It became overwhelming. There was so much to pick from that I only bought a couple new pieces.
When I got home I was newly inspired. Stay turned for my new creations...

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

After Gloria

It was war time 1942, and my Mother was in a beauty pagent running for "Miss Columbia Steel". She won, and found herself the object of many men in uniform. She has always been my mentor in all things of beauty.
I will always love you Glo A! 

This was one of her jewelry boxes that was actually a wood English tea caddy with shell inlay. She lined it with beautiful chartreuse silk that came off the hem of her Richard Tam opera gown. I added four of my favorite blue and green pearl pieces filled with rhinestones and assorted cluster earrings.

               The hues of turquoise and baby blues compliment each other and I can't help but think of the Caribbean Sea. The gold sea shells came off a broken charm bracelet from one of my Mother's admirers. The stars were her clip on earrings and the centerpiece a lovely broach.

To see more After Glo bracelets, click here.  
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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dearest childhood friend....

Thank you to my oldest and dearest friend Suzi, who first motivated me back in 2002 to put to work my talents and make something beautiful with all my memories. I have decided to honor her today with an example of the many pieces she spent hours laboring over. She has an inventory of  over 500 (yep that's right) pairs of earrings - many are really fabulous - on top of that she also has around 30 bags of "to be made bracelets" -
You are amazing! Love you girfriend!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Six Unique Designs from After Glo

Shades of berry beads and pink pearls combined with vintage enamel floral earrings make up this one of a kind piece.

One of my favorite pieces, this can either be worn as a bracelet as shown, or easily extended with coordinating beads to be a lovely necklace.  

A vision in amber and crystal beads, this necklace comprises four different vintage earrings

My ode to Carmen Miranda!  This tropical lei like necklace is the perfect summer accessory.

An homage to another era, moonstone like earrings are combined to create this lovely bracelet.

Aurora borealis crystal beads and vintage rhinestone earrings are combined to make this lovely bracelet, perfect for the holidays!

All pieces are one of a kind and can be customized to your specifications.
Prices are available upon request.

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